Briceag Ganzo Firebird FH91 - Verde

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Briceag Ganzo Firebird FH91 - Verde
Briceag Ganzo Firebird FH91 - Verde
Briceag Ganzo Firebird FH91 - Verde
Briceag Ganzo Firebird FH91 - Verde
Briceag Ganzo Firebird FH91 - Verde
Briceag Ganzo Firebird FH91 - Verde
Briceag Ganzo Firebird FH91 - Verde
Briceag Ganzo Firebird FH91 - Verde
Briceag Ganzo Firebird FH91 - Verde
Briceag Ganzo Firebird FH91 - Verde
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Modelul de cuțit Firebird FH91 este o versiune turistică convenabilă a formatului de buzunar. Cuțitul este fabricat din oțel D2 și fibră de sticlă G10. Duritatea ajunge la aproximativ 60 de unități pe scara Rockwell. În compoziție există oțel inoxidabil. Este adaptat pentru utilizarea zilnică. Lungimea totală a modelului este de 20,3 centimetri. Greutatea este de 119 grame.

Tip de cuțit Briceag
Tipul de blocare Flipper Lock
Materialul lamei D2 (60 HRC)
Mâner Material G10
Culoare mâner Verde
Lungime deschis 203 mm
Lungime lama 88 mm
Grosimea lamei 3.5 mm
Greutate 119 grame
Garanție  12 luni

Firebird FH91

The Ganzo Company presented knife lovers with a lot of practical and very affordable EDC models. The Firebird FH91 folding flipper is one of them. All models of this series, FH, are considered to be high-quality products. Suffice it to say at least, that all FH knives have real D2 steel in their composition. They are very simple and easy to work with – the cutting properties are remarkable, the sharpening is kept for a long time. The mechanics of knives are not disappointing either, as users report confidently. The compactness of the models in this line is also an important advantage.

The FH91 flipper knife is made of reliable D2 steel, and has an excellent hardness of about 60 units by the Rockwell scale. The type of sharpening is straight. This is a pocket-sized knife with a drop-point blade shape. Drop-point blades are very popular, they can often be found on knives models. Distinctive features: the blade looks like a normal blade, but the tip is lowered closer to the center of the blade. The blade shows good cutting and stabbing abilities. The versatility of the profile allows using products with blades of this type as hunting and tourist, household, tactical, EDC and others. The knife is protected from rust, designed for long-term exploitation.

There is an inlaid pattern on its spine. The product has round metal bearings. An ergonomic hilt with a deep groove looks pretty typical. It is comfortable to hold, the knife will not slip, will not shift. It fits snugly in the hand, convenient for any grip. The handle has a neat appearance, rough to the touch. All thanks to the G10 fiberglass in the composition. This material is a mixture of fiberglass and epoxy resins, which provides the appropriate properties: strength, resistance to temperatures, mechanical damage, and wear. The G10 is a reliable and practical component. Therefore, a knife with a hilt made of this material will last a long time, withstanding various external influences. This is particularly relevant given that FH91 is marketed as a tourist knife. It must therefore be adapted to different operating conditions, sometimes quite complex.

The model will not let the owner down, and will allow performing a variety of operations easily. The knife is universal. In addition, its dimensions and weight are small. A clip allows you to lock a knife on your pocket, on your belt, and attach it to your bag. It is convenient to carry, and it will always be at hand. The product is available in three colors – black, green and gray. It is neat and concise, adapted for daily wear. It can also be used not only in tourism, outdoor activities, but also in urban environments.

The overall length of the model is 20.3 centimeters. The length of the blade reaches 8.8 centimeters. The thickness of the blade is three and a half millimeters. The knife weighs 119 grams. 

The manufacturers provide a 1-year warranty for this model.

Info produs
Flipper Lock
Culoare mâner
Material mâner
Tip lamă
Numar articol
113 g/db
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